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6 Best Foods to Buy When You’re Broke

I remember waking up and realizing that I had no money for food. I remember cursing my lously money management over the last month, but it made no difference. No money was no money. And my emptry pantry remained empty. Being broke when it's not by choice can be seriously stressful, and I think th...

Mission Improbable: How I Ran a Marathon Without Training

Many of my friends back in my hometown of Winnipeg just participated in the Manitoba Marathon. Seeing their months of training, hundreds of miles logged, and many an iTunes playlist completed, finally pay off on the big day made me smile and reflect upon my first marathon, which was similar in almos...

Why I’m Sick Of Superfoods

In the online blogging world, superfoods are to the nutrition and weight loss niches what list posts are to the advice/personal devleopment niches. Fire up your favorite health blog and I can guarantee you one of two things: Recipes galore, and articles about 117 benefits of adding goji berries t...

6 Every-Day Movements You’re Doing Wrong (And How to Fix Them)

As someone who dealt with a repetitive strain injury for about 8 years, lost my voice for 2.5, suffered for brutal shin splints for half a year before running a marathon having done no training, I know a thing or two about physical dysfunction and taking our bodies for granted. Having spent so mu...

Excess in Moderation: How to Live Longer, Lose Weight & Live the Good Life

Moderation. It's like a new-age mantra, most often used to justify eating habits, alcohol, and TV watching. It tells us that we can essentially do whatever we want so long as we don't do too much of it, and that this is the key to living a good life where we can responsibly i...

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