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Why Subtitles Prevent Language Learning (And What to Do Instead)

Subtitles are an awesome way to make foreign films accessable to international viewers. They're also a popular tool for language learners. Just pop on your favorite TV series or film with foreign subs, and off you go. Right? At least - I've heard a ton of language learners swear by this ...

6 Reasons Learning Russian Isn’t as Hard as You Thought

You've probably heard the news that Russian is a hard language for native English speakers to learn. Certainly, with Russia having a culture somewhat isolated from (and sadly, often perceived as the enemy of) North American/Western European culture, it's easy to feel like this slavic language is ...

The Polyglot Challenge

How would you like to be able to fluently speak another language? Growing up in an English speaking society, relatively sheltered from other languages in the middle of the Canadian prairie, I never gave much attention to this question. And I certainly never entertained the ideas of beco...

The Number 1 Language Learning Mistake Every Student Makes

In the massive, perplexing, and unclear world of language learning, one of the most difficult challenges the language enthusiast has to overcome is figuring out what to focus their attention on. There are so many different possible exercises we could do that it confounds our abilities to assess w...

Simple Language Hack to Learn Vocabulary 3 Times Faster

"I know this word, I know it. объяснять. It explain! That's it - 'to explain'." Sometimes I got it, sometimes I didn't. The frustrating thing is I always recognized the word - as well as many others - but I often couldn't recall what the darn things meant. The...

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