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Do You Feel Like You’re Going Backwards In Life? (Here’s Why!)

I laughed as the soupy concoction of milk and eggs bubbled and fizzed in the pan. An ever-expanding white foam, my experiment was likely to be a culinary failure and a personal victory. I'm like a small child in the kitchen. I had no idea what would happen if I poured milk into a pan of frying eg...

The Number 1 Language Learning Mistake Every Student Makes

In the massive, perplexing, and unclear world of language learning, one of the most difficult challenges the language enthusiast has to overcome is figuring out what to focus their attention on. There are so many different possible exercises we could do that it confounds our abilities to assess w...

Simple Language Hack to Learn Vocabulary 3 Times Faster

"I know this word, I know it. объяснять. It explain! That's it - 'to explain'." Sometimes I got it, sometimes I didn't. The frustrating thing is I always recognized the word - as well as many others - but I often couldn't recall what the darn things meant. The...

16 Ways To Crush Writer’s Block Like An African Elephant

When I did an interview with Eric Gati of TheDailyInterview, an interview-based blog about entrepreneurship, he asked me how I've managed to be so prolific as a writer. He was talking about our days writing for InfoBarrel. Back in 20...

The Single, Best Personal Development Technique

I've liberally sampled from the smorgasbord of existing techniques when it comes to accelerating my growth as a human being: Motivation, discipline, productivity hacking, goal setting, positive thinking...human growth hormone...all the best stuff modern science and hack advice bloggers have to of...

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