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Busyness & Overwhelm: The Unexpected Advantage of Having No Time

Do you feel like there just aren't enough hours in the day? You're too busy for the important things in life: friends, family, hobbies, passions? Funny how, even though we all get the same 24 hours a week, we can end up feeling like there's no time! Busyness can often be a trap - as we fill ou...

Getting Things Done: The Art of Decisive Decision Making

The metro or the bus? The green dress or the blue one? Get up when the alarm goes off, or hit snooze? Cake or cake? The story of our life is told in each decision we make. We are, more or less, the Read More

How I Tamed My Email And Achieved Inbox Zero

Historically, my Inbox has treaded the line between hoarder's paradise and post-tornado disaster zone. Because I've been traveling for so long - often without the opportunity to check email, and also because I'm too impatient to implement some complex organizational system, I could safely say tha...

Putting Yourself First

Change is a funny thing. It happens whether or not we want it to. Often, it creeps up on us unawares, only to suddenly jump out from behind the nearest trash bin and whack us upside the head with a dirty frying pan when we learn of some new medical complication, or we look in the mirror and reali...

Goal Setting Sucks

No matter how many people say that goals are the key to achievement and the best way to find happiness, I've never been able to agree. For as long as I've entertained the concept in my mind, I've thought that goal setting sucks. The closest I've been able to come to some sort of reconciliation...

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