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How to Get Paid What You Deserve As A Freelance Writer

Knowing how to land clients is great. Knowing how to get your clients to pay you what you're worth is even better. Because any freelancer willing to cut their prices will eventually find someone willing to pay bottom dollar for their services. But only the ones who earn what they ask for wi...

The 7 Money Models: Which One Are You?

When I talk to people who are experiencing financial difficulties, one of the things that often strikes me is the sense of powerlessness they seem to espouse. And having experienced plenty of such challenges myself, it's hard to blame them. When things are going badly, it can sure look like the w...

I Won’t Teach You To Be Rich

I recently got a flood of traffic to Cracking The Happiness Code thanks to an article I published on They poured unabated over the railings of my modest little website and flooded my servers - a torrential downpour of attention. Many of these new readers decided to get in...

No Money? No Problem

Money has a funny way of changing the way we perceive the world. For starters, consider the fact that the modern, civilized human being is the first creature, over a span of billions of years of life on Earth, to believe that food is acquired through a financial transaction. It is, as many Ame...

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