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How to Get Paid What You Deserve As A Freelance Writer

Knowing how to land clients is great. Knowing how to get your clients to pay you what you're worth is even better. Because any freelancer willing to cut their prices will eventually find someone willing to pay bottom dollar for their services. But only the ones who earn what they ask for wi...

The Real Reason You Should Be Blogging

Having experienced the highs and the lows of backpacking around Europe and Asia and living in 3 different countries these last 2 years, I am not easily shocked. But it never ceases to amaze me the number of blogs trying to get people to Read More

How To Stand Out From The Crowd

Ever have trouble discovering that thing that makes you unique? That sets you apart?

And, because you don't want to be just another me-too blogger or marketer, you do nothing?

You're paralyzed.

You don't even start.


6 Financial Choices Poor People Never Make

How do we know if we're making good financial decisions, or if the choices we're making are more like financial blunders? You'd think that just looking at our score card - our bank balance or accountant's balance sheet, would be enough. But it's not quite so simple. And understanding w...

The 7 Money Models: Which One Are You?

When I talk to people who are experiencing financial difficulties, one of the things that often strikes me is the sense of powerlessness they seem to espouse. And having experienced plenty of such challenges myself, it's hard to blame them. When things are going badly, it can sure look like the w...

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