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What to Say When Someone Dies: 10 Messages of Sympathy

When the heartbreaking befalls a friend, silence is not an option. Whether we choose to share our message of condolence in person, or to write a sympathy card (or both), we have to figure out what to say when somebody dies. And in creating our message of sympathy, we have to be careful not to ...

29 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy

We all want to know how to be happy: To live a good life, feel fulfilled, be engaged, create things, and connect deeply with others. And often, our search for increased happiness means we're trying to add more and more wonderful things to our lives, when really what we need is to let go of the th...

Control Issues: From Emotional Traffic Jams to the Freeway

If, as Tom Cochrane sung, life is a highway, then surely most people want to be in the driver's seat. I, for one, rather like being in control of things - where I'm going, how fast, with whom, where to stop for snacks etc. But I find that this tendency can get me into emotional traffic jams, such...

Relationships Are Easy

I used to think that having a strong, meaningful, empowering long-term romantic relationship was the hardest thing in the world. Merely getting into one seemed hard enough, let alone the act of growing and sustaining one. Now, I have a different perspective. That relationships are easy. Or ...

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