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Democratic Republic of Congo Travel Guide

The Democratic Republic of Congo - a country on few people's list of "top 10 must-see destinations." In a cruel twist of fate, the DRC - a country containing the world's largest deposits of natural resources, is one of the poorest on the planet. Having seen more than it's fair share of heartbr...

19 Ways to Get Free or Cheap Accommodation All Over The World

Having traveled the world nonstop these past few years, I can say definitively: Accommodation is the most important part of your  travel budget. Why? Because it's a decision with huge financial ramifications that we have to make every night. Compare that with ...

13 Reasons to Visit Rwanda

Rwanda - a tiny landlocked nation in East Africa that most people would have trouble pointing out on a map, let alone consider as a tourist destination. Yet, if we take a moment to look past the surface of this country that was rocked by genocide within living memory, we'll see that there are ple...

Must Have Travel Gear: Shemagh (Keffiyeh) – And Why It’s Better Than a Bandana

There are very few pieces of travel gear I consider as "must haves." Through 15 countries across 3 continents, you could count the number of items I don't dare leave home without on 1 hand. The items that make this rarified list usually have an incredible ratio of functionality to weight & ...

The Perfect Safari Packing List

Packing for an African Safari is a much more important than packing for conventional trips. Where it's easy to pick up a needed item from a shop when you're relaxing in the city or on the beach, you have no such option while on safari. So here's a complete safari packing list plus some useful...

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