AJ Walton’s June 2014 Income Report

Here, in this second installment of the newly resuscitated and de-zombified AJ Walton monthly income report, I’m thrilled to bring you some exciting news.

We are smashing records like zombies smash through windows in horror films.

Apparently, committing to something for 30 days is an excellent way to change our results. Ironic how difficult it can be to take our own advice sometimes, but there you have it. The proof is in the cake-flavored pudding.

First, if you need to get yourself caught up, here’s last month’s report.

Month in Review

I started the month strong, writing more than an article a day for the first half. This basically was sufficient to double CTHC’s article total since it’s inception.

I also stopped putting pictures in my articles. I realized that for me, finding good pictures was taking so long and was so frustrating that it was a major bottleneck in my writing process.

I also figure that anyone who won’t read the content here because there are no pictures probably isn’t CTHC material.

The second half of the month was different, as I was preparing to leave Russia as my visa expired on the 24th, and started scheduling posts 4 days a week for the time I expected my environment to be ruinous for my productivity. By doing this, I was able to keep consistently publishing until I returned to Russia with a new visa at month’s end.

I also got my Pinterest account going, since it seems to be a promising source of traffic that I can still employ with an unreliable schedule, adding almost 1000 followers this month. Fun!

I didn’t quite break the billion dollar mark this month, but I don’t care because I had a ton of fun writing, interacting with readers, and seeing the blog grow.

Traffic Stats:

I really didn’t focus on any traffic generating strategies this month. Content production is my greatest strength and I’m running with it. Didn’t seem to matter, as the stats show.

Here are the changes from May to June:

Article Total 29 to 53 (+24)

Organic Search: 120 to 188 (+56.67%)
Direct Traffic: 73 to 150 (105.48%)
Referral Traffic: 43 to 85 (97.67%)
Social Media: 13 to 30 (+8.33%)

Total Visitors: 249 to 458 (83.94%)

Alexa.com Rank (#1 is best): 3,137,546 to 1,806,574 (+1,330,972)

Well well, we’re back in the top 2 million on Alexa.com.

YouTube: 172 (176min) to 170 (270min) (-2.86% and +52.39%)

All green except for YouTube views, which makes sense because, unlike last month, I did absolutely zero promoting of my channel and wasn’t publishing videos. Frankly, I’m surprised this didn’t drop more.

So, the indifferent news aside – what a great month! I must have had a bit of luck with people being referred from old guest posts I’ve done, or old comments – because the near-doubling of referral traffic was undeserved.

But why the heck not, I hauled tail to publish 24 articles, why not earn a bit of luck. One of my articles cracked the 1 view per day mark – a CTHC first. A couple others are close. In all, 39 of my articles got traffic from search engines. Recons back to my InfoBarrel days. Maybe 1,000+ views per day isn’t that far off after all?

Even though I haven’t really been active on Pinterest – it’s already in the lead for social media traffic. I’ll keep the FB group alive because it’s not hurting me, but the time ROI is no contest.

As for direct traffic, either I had a lucky month or some people know who I am and are typing the url in their browser. That’s a warm and fuzzy feeling, really. Nice to see people enjoying my work, even if most of it is completely self-indulgent wordplay.

Now on to the part I know you’ve been waiting for.


I’m still not really focused on monetizing the site at this point – sorry to disappoint. I’d love to do things by donation, but that seems like a bit of a long shot in terms of sustainable income. So for now, it’s just more playing.

The one thing I’m considering is the Amazon affiliate program. I figure I refer to Dan Ariely’s “Predictably Irrational” so much I may as well get $0.08 whenever someone takes me up on my recommendation to buy it.


Google AdSense: Now defunct. Minus infinity percent.
Patreon: $95.55 – no change
YouTube: $0.10 – up from $0, infinity percent increase.

Talk about extremes. Two infinities and a zero. Though I made my first YouTube monies, which has me sniffing the billions around a corner somewhere. In seriousness, it means that I’ll probably continue publishing there occasionally, even if just for skill building – so I’ll be ready for the day when this blog has 1000s of readers and I want to start doing video serious-time.

May Total = $109.05 to $95.65 (-12.29%)

This is not a surprise. Nor do I mind. Right now I’m trying to grow the blog. Facebook and YouTube took a couple years to earn money, and I’m having a blast doing all this writing. So ha. Sucks for anyone who is here looking for money making advice, but I have plenty to say about that too.

July Plan

I must say that, despite the fact that expectations are usually a recipe for disappointment, having mine repeatedly met last month was nice.

This month, I’m keeping them similarly low and my plan overly simplistic. Write and publish a lot. Have fun. Eat cake.

Thanks for coming along for the ride. And if you want to help CTHC grow, please check out our Patreon page! And have an splendid July!

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