How to Swear In Spanish – Essential Curse Words & Phrases

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If you’re like most Spanish language learners, one of the first things you’re probably interested in is Spanish swear words. Well I have great new – the “bad words” in Spanish are both plentiful and wonderfully expressive.

Spanish curse words are more socially acceptable than in English, and phrases that would make English speakers blush, variations of “Me cago en la madre que te parió!” (I shit on the mother who gave birth to you), is about as common as the English catch-all “fuck”

One of the most interesting things I’ve found about studying other languages is how colorful the cursing is compared to English. And while there may be some puritans out there rallying against “bad words” – the simple fact of the matter is that curse words and phrases are an integral part of a living language and culture.

However, since this is rarely the sort of thing covered in your average Spanish grammar textbook, we’ll take a look at it here, in the complete guide to swearing like a Spaniard:

Please note that these phrases are taken from the Spanish of Spain. Many of these tranfer to the Spanish of the Americas, but you might want to double check before breaking out your go-to phrase.

Top Spanish Swear Words & Phrases

1. Me cago en tu puta madre – I shit on your bitch of a mother

A combination of the ubiquitous “me cago en…” (“I shit upon…”) and Spain’s most sacred figure, the mother, or madre – this phrase is used similarly to the English “fuck you.” Only it’s way more badass.

Useful Variants:

Me cago en Dios – I shit on God.

Me cago en la leche – I shit in the milk. (Used like the English “Holy shit!”)

Me cago en todos los santos – I shit upon all the saints!

Me cago en tus muertos – I shit on your dead relatives.

Me cago en todo lo que se menea! – I shit on everything that moves!

Basically, combining “Me cago en” and Catholic imagery = Spanish swearing gold.

2 Mierda! – Shit

Another building block for other swears. By itself it’s very tame. As you’ll see, “shit” is a very common theme in Spanish curses.

This literally means ‘shit’, and is the most lightweight of all these swear words. It makes a perfect combination with many words to give a better impact, such as ‘Come mierda! (A shit-eater!)’.

3. Joder – Fuck (roughly)

Pronounced “ho-DErr”. Used similaly to the English “fuck”, but way more common. In English when we say anything like “damn, I forgot my phone”, or “Shit! The door’s locked” we could use “joder” in Spanish.

Useful Variant: Que te jodan! – Fuck you!

4. Gilipollas – Bastard

Pronounced “hi-li-PO-yas.” Used as a retort when someone insults or annoys you.

5. Que cabron – What an asshole/bastard/jerk

Hard to translate perfectly to English, cabron literally means “goat”. This is a light remark that can be used almost anywhere. Bob ate the last slice of cake, que cabron.

6. Puta madre – mother fucker/fuck yeah

Literally meaning “fucking mother”, puta madre can be used as a swear/insult or positively. It’s often used in the same way we would use “fuck yeah” in English to express our delight in something. “Barcelona beat Real Madrid – puta madre!” Note that all the Real fans could then call you a puta madre in response.

7. Que te folle un pez – I hope you get fucked by a fish

This example highlights just how different cursing can be outside the English language. To me, this phrase borders on incomprehensible, but in Spanish it’s a nice insult. “Screw you” doesn’t really stack up.

8. Los Cojones – “Bullshit”

This curse word is so useful the Spanish have an expression to describe its usefulness! “Cojones sirve para todo,” or “cojones are useful everywhere”. Literally means “testicles” but most often used like “bullshit”.

Useful Variants:

Estoy hasta los cojones – I can’t take it anymore, I’m up to my (eye) balls.

Tienes cojones – You’ve got balls.

Me toca los cojones – That’s annoying

9. Hijo de puta – Son of a Bitch

Pronounced “yi-ho”. Used similarly to English, can be positive or negative, just way more common in Spanish.

10. Coño – Cunt

The Spanish use this word the way Brits/Aussies drop the English C-bomb. North Americans (and yours truly) will have a tough time adjusting to its prevelance.

11. Pollas en vinagre – Dicks in vinegar

This one is just hilarious. Hard to define exactly where it’s most useful, but it seems to be useful to express exasperation, shock, and awe.

12. La madre que te pario! – Mother fucker (inexact)

Literally, “the mother who gave birth to you!” But used like “mother fucker” in English with shocking frequency.

How to Say “Fuck” In Spanish

  • Chinga tu hermana – Fuck your sister
  • Chinga tu madre – Fuck your mom/mother
  • Chinga usted – Fuck you
  • Chingate – Fuck you / Go fuck yourself
  • Cojeme – Fuck me
  • Jode tu madre ayer noche – I fucked your mother last night
  • Joder – To fuck (As in having sex)
  • No me jodas – Don’t fuck with me
  • Pinche idiota – Fuckin’ idiot
  • Pinche puta – Fuckin’ bitch
  • Qué chingados – What the fuck
  • Vete a la verga culero – Fuck you asshole (Lit. Go to a dick)
  • Vete a la verga ruco/ruca – Fuck you senor/senorita
  • Yo chingé a tu madre – I fucked your mother

Additional Curse words & phrases

  • Besa mi culo, puto – Kiss my ass, bitch
  • Tu madre es una puta fea – Your mother is an ugly bitch
  • Pendejo – Stupid/Asshole
  • Puto – man-whore
  • Perra – Bitch
  • Pinche puta – Fuckin’ bitch
  • Puta – Bitch / Whore
  • Culo – Ass
  • La concha de tu madre – Your mother’s cunt
  • La concha tuya – Your cunt
  • Métetelo por el culo – Stick it up your arse
  • Verga – Dick
  • Vete a la mierda! – Kiss my ass!

When you’re done learning Spanish swear words, head on back to the Language Hacking Guides page and find another lesson!

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