Top 100 Tiny Buddha Articles – The Definitive Self Improvement Collection is one of the world’s best loved personal development blogs, with over 4 million readers visiting every month.

Founder Lori Deschene developed a large, passionate community of readers and authors, and as she says herself, “Though I run this site, it is not mine. It’s ours.”


I’ve contributed several articles myself, and the website was part of the inspiration for my own website, Cracking The Happiness Code.

One of the things I love about TinyBuddha – it’s a perfect example of how the internet has and is democratizing access to knowledge and information. No longer does the student of personal growth have to shell out $5,000 bucks to have a hotshot guru have us walk over fiery coals, blow even hotter air up our collective colons, and leave us with little but a scorching sensation in our wallets.

Now, we can pop online, fire up good ol’ Google, and be inundated with delectable personal development ambrosia in a matter of minutes.

There just one problem – there’s so much material available it can be hard to know where to look, and we can get mired in a sea of mediocrity instead of riding the glorious waves of personal progress.

Even on a site such as TinyBuddha, where the quality has remained high for years – it’s nevertheless the case that almost 1000 writers have contributed guest posts, and there are over 40,000 indexed pages to sift through.

TB page count


I don’t know how many lifetimes you have available for that, or if you employ a team of highly trained, erudite, and ambitious chimpanzees to help sort best from the rest.

So I decided to take it upon myself to create a list of the best personal development blog posts ever to be published on TinyBuddha.

It took over 8 hours to put it all together, but at last – we have it.

Selection Method

In order to objectively pick the most popular articles, I needed data from those 4-5 million monthly visitors. So instead of a team of genius chimps, I went to my friends from SEMRush and Moz – whose SEO tools I employ while wearing my SEO consulting hat.

I was able to discover how many people had shared a given article on social media, like “votes” for that article.

I was also able to see how many people had linked to each article from their own blogs – much stronger votes in my opinion, as clicking “like” or “Tweet” is a rather less dedicated action than intentionally putting a reference in one’s writing.

mozshot TB

So, after the votes were all tallied, I filtered out the other 39,000 pages and was left with the top 100 posts on Tiny Buddha.

I’ve grouped them into categories to make it easier to find articles on the theme your most interested in: overcoming negative emotions, being present and mindful, love & trust, change, happiness, relationships, and passion & purpose.

So without further ado, here’s the list:

Overcoming Negative Emotions

Life is easy when things go well, the real challenge is how to react when things don’t go as we expected and planned. How quickly we recover from setbacks, how well we cope under pressure, how we think and act when the unexpected occurs – these are the things that set happy people apart.

  1. 40 Ways to Let Go and Feel Less Pain by Lori Deschene
  2. 6 Secrets to Moving On From Serious Struggles by Beth Burgess
  3. 10 Tips to Overcome Negative Thoughts: Positive Thinking Made Easy by Michelle Uy
  4. 20 Things to Do When You’re Feeling Angry with Someone by Lori Deschene
  5. Dealing with Uncomfortable Feelings & Creating Positive Ones by Lori Deschene
  6. 10 Ways to Complain Less and Be Happier by Lauren Stewart
  7. 10 Ways to Let Go and Overcome a Bad Mood by Lori Deschene
  8. 3 Reasons to Stop Worrying About Your Negative Thoughts by Lisa Esile
  9. 4 Lessons on Conquering Fear and Living the Life You Want to Live by Ashley Johns
  10. 40 Ways to Give Yourself a Break by Lori Deschene
  11. 5 Tips to Stop Stressing About Being Perfect So You Can Enjoy Life by Ken Myers
  12. Accept Imperfection: Making Peace with “Pieces in Progress” by Melanie Edwards
  13. Finding Joy in the Ruins of a Crushed Dream by Jen Saunders
  14. Healing Depression by Taking Care of Your Mind, Body, and Spirit by Andrea Lewis
  15. How to Forgive Someone When It’s Hard: 30 Tips to Let Go of Anger by Lori Deschene
  16. The Power of Patience: Let Go of Anxiety and Let Things Happen by Cloris Kylie Stock
  17. Uplifting Depression: 15 Unexpected Lessons from Adversity by Noch Noch


Being Present

Life is only lived in the present, and as much as we may like to plan for the future or reminicse about the past, the experiences that make our life full, vibrant experiences only happen now.

For instance, I get a ton of pleasure out of anticipating my next big tour through Europe, Asia, or South America – in fact, in many ways, the anticipation is probably more pleasureable than many of the events! But we have to balance our desires for the future with the needs of the moment. This is where we find beace, contentment, and happiness.

TinyBuddha provides a wealth of information about meditative & mindfulness practice, as well as other ways to be fully engaged in the moment.

  1. 5 Lessons about Being Present: Freedom is Where My Feet Are by Erin Lanahan
  2. 5 Meditation Tips for People Who Don’t (Yet) Like to Meditate by Sarah Rudell Beach
  3. Let Go of Control: How to Learn the Art of Surrender by Dr. Amy Johnson
  4. Creating an Inner Peace That Endures by Marilyn Briant
  5. The Gift of Anxiety: 7 Ways to Get the Message and Find Peace by Ariella Baston
  6. 20 Ways Sitting in Silence Can Completely Transform Your Life by Samuel Gentoku McCree
  7. 8 Ways to Make Meditation Easy and Fun by Goddess Leonie
  8. 7 Obstacles to Mindfulness and How to Overcome Them by Henri Junttila
  9. 10 Ways to Slow Down and Still Get Things Done by Lori Deschene
  10. 50 Things You Can Control Right Now by Lori Deschene
  11. Realizing You Have Everything You Need by Brian Webb
  12. The Power of Acceptance: Stop Resisting and Find the Lesson by Anonymous
  13. What Gifts Have You Gained from the Pains of Your Past? by AmyKate Gowland


Love & Trust

We cannot be truly satisfied with our lives without loove and trust. First, the love of self, which we can then expand to the people close to us, and later the greater, wider world.

Trust allows us to act in the face of uncertainty. Trust in ourselves, our judgment, and in others. It creates space for compassion, creates space to invest our time and energy in things even when we don’t see a benefit to ourselves.

  1. 5 Ways to Feel More Love & Compassion for Yourself & Others Erin Lanahan
  2. Sharing Yourself Without Worrying About Being Accepted Erin Lanahan
  3. Tiny Buddha’s Guide to Loving Yourself Interview: Erin Lanahan
  4. Following Your Internal Compass and Making Your Own Decisions Greg Frucci
  5. How to Love Your Authentic Self  by Lori Deschene
  6. 5 Steps to Deal with Self-Doubt and Trust Your Self Again Petrea Hansen-Adamidis
  7. 50 Ways to Show Gratitude for the People in Your Life by Lori Deschene
  8. 7 Things to Remember When You Think You’re Not Good Enough Madison Sonnier
  9. Dealing with Loss and Grief: Be Good to Yourself While You Heal Lynn Newman
  10. How Being Vulnerable Can Expand Your World by Wendy Miyake
  11. How to Feel Comfortable in Your Own Skin Mary Dunlop
  12. Stop Assuming the Worst: Your Thoughts Shape Your Reality Cloris Kylie Stock
  13. The Greatest Act of Love Is Letting Go Joanna Warwick
  14. The Secret to (High) Self Esteem Susie Newday
  15. Tiny Buddha’s Guide to Loving Yourself Interview: Emma Brooke
  16. You Are Good Enough and You Deserve the Best Alesha Chilton
  17. You Don’t Need to Fix Yourself to Be Healed  Danea Horn

love and trust


It can be scary and uncomfortable, but it is necessary for life and growth. Since change will happen whether or not we want it to, we may as well learn to direct change in ways that create positive results in our lives: learning, growing, connecting, overcoming challenges, and gaining wisdom in different fields & endeavors.

  1. 6 Life Lessons on Embracing Change and Impermanence by Vishnu
  2. Dealing with Uncertainty: 5 Tips to Create Trust and Patience by Erin Lanahan
  3. The Power of Change: How Leaving Home Can Bring You Home by Erin Lanahan
  4. Letting Go and Starting Over When It’s Hard by Tina Robbins
  5. 50 Ways to Open Your World to New Possibilities by Lori Deschene
  6. 10 Powerful Benefits of Change by Ani Chibukhchyan
  7. 7 Ways to Deal with Uncertainty: Be Happier and Less Anxious by Lori Deschene
  8. Why Acceptance Isn’t Passive and How It Leads to Positive Change by Cloris Kylie Stock
  9. How to Deal with Criticism Well: 25 Reasons to Embrace It by Lori Deschene
  10. How to Find Your Path When Life Suddenly Changes by Cloris Kylie Stock
  11. How to Start a Gratitude Practice and Change Your Life by Helen Russell
  12. How Simple Mini Habits Can Change Your Life by Stephen Guise
  13. One New Year’s Resolution That Creates Lasting Change by Lori Deschene
  14. 10 Ways I Know There’s Nothing Wrong with You (or Me) by Lori Deschene
  15. Speaking Up When You’re Bullied, in School and Beyond by Blair Shackle
  16. Overcome 8 Common Limiting Beliefs That May Keep You Stuck by Victoria Gigante



Happiness, or whatever other word we choose to replace it with: joy, contentment, satisfaction, peacefulness, bliss – is one of the most important parts of leading a full life.

At this point, we know enough about the art & science of happiness to be able to create it with a decent amount of predictably. Certain behaviors, environments, and social settings are simply more condusive to happiness to others. We can all change how much happiness we experience by learning to change thhese factors.

  1. Life is Happening FOR Us: All Things Are Gifts by Erin Lanahan
  2. Happy Is As Happy Does: Make Your Own Joy in Life by Amy Clover
  3. 60 Things to Be Grateful For In Life by Celestine Chua
  4. 8 Ways to Be More Confident: Live the Life of Your Dreams by Lori Deschene
  5. 40 Little Things That Make a Big Difference in Your Day by Lori Deschene
  6. 40 Ways to Feel More Alive by Lori Deschene
  7. 50 Things to Love about Life That Are Free by Lori Deschene
  8. Are Your Expectations Setting You Up for Disappointment? by Amanda Christian
  9. 7 Reasons to Be Happy Even if Things Aren’t Perfect Now by  Lori Deschene
  10. How to Create a Balanced Life: 9 Tips to Feel Calm and Grounded by Jasmin Tanjeloff
  11. Be Stress-Free: Eliminate 5 Common, Unnecessary Stressors by Juha Kaartoluoma
  12. How to Wake up Every Morning on Top of The World by  Srinivas Rao
  13. 3 Lessons from Traveling That Lead to Everyday Happiness by Ehren Prudhel




Humans are not isolated individuals. We are connected to each other in ways we might consider a colony of ants or a hive of bees. Evolving in groups of up to 150 individuals, humans are part individual part group-mind.

Thus, our relationships are one of the most important parts of our lives. Even if we had a difficult upbringing or faced other adverse circumstances, we can develop strong, deep, meaningful relationships with other people. As usual, it all starts with how we run our own mind.

  1. How to Let Go of a Past Relationship: 10 Steps to Peacefully Move On by Lori Deschene
  2. 10 Ways to Deal with Negative or Difficult People by Lori Deschene
  3. 10 Ways to Create a Strong, Intimate Relationship by Lynn Newman
  4. 7 Vital Choices for Happy Relationships by Lori Deschene
  5. How to Feel More Loved: 9 Tips for Deep Connection by Lori Deschene
  6. How to Release and Prevent Resentment in Your Relationships by Anonymous
  7. How to Set Healthy Boundaries: 3 Crucial First Steps by Britt Bolnick
  8. How to Let Go of the Fear of Being Hurt Again by Cloris Kylie Stock
  9. How to Overcome the Pain of Rejection by Cloris Kylie Stock
  10. The Foundation of Love: Releasing Judgments and Expectations – by Carolyn Hidalgo


Passion & Purpose

Doing meaningful work and making a contribution to the world has been proven to be one of the core factors of leading a happy life. That may mean different things to different people – a career, building a business, doing charity work, or pursuing a hobby or other creative interest.

Whatever it is for us, it’s important not to wait until “someday” to start paying attention to this area of our lives.

  1. 8 Ways to Discover Your Passion and Live a Life You Love by Ashley Wilhite
  2. 5 Questions To Ask Yourself If You’re Not Where You Thought You’d Be by Katie Manning
  3. 10 Journaling Tips to Help You Heal, Grow and Thrive by Loran Hills
  4. 10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Giving Up on Your Dream by Lori Deschene
  5. 6 Powerful Questions That Will Change Your Life Forever by James McWhinney
  6. 8 Ways We Block Our Creativity and Keep Ourselves Stuck by Harish Kumar
  7. Baby Steps: A Simple Guide to Doing Something New by  Harriet Cabelly
  8. Discovering Happiness through Purpose in 3 Natural Steps by Scott Dinsmore
  9. How to Be a Leader without Really Trying by Erin Lanahan
  10. Eliminate These 5 Words to Create the Life of Your Dreams by Victoria Gigante
  11. Freeing Yourself When You Feel Limited or Stuck by Aekta Kapoor
  12. Get Started on Your Dream: Clear the 5 Most Daunting Hurdles by Rashmie Jaaju
  13. How to Grow from Mistakes and Stop Beating Yourself Up by Michelle Ghilotti Mandel
  14. How to Make a Difficult Decision: 30 Ideas to Help You Choose – by Lori Deschene



That’s the list! If you found it useful, please consider sharing it on social media so other people can discover the incredible resource that is TinyBuddha.

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    1. Thanks Harriet! I’m a huge fan of the site, so thought it was only fitting to showcase some of it here. Though it’s not my website, thanks for contribute to such a wonderful library of material.

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