Top 15 Personal Development Blogs By Women

I want to live in a world where everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed, and merit rises to the top. That’s why I support feminism, and why Cracking The Happiness Code can do nothing greater than empower those who are repressed by society.

None of us can change who we were born as, which makes it all the more important for those of us who society favors for no great doings of our own to recognize this fact and then help break down the power imbalances which diminish us all.

As a white, cisgender, English speaking male in my mid-20s, even my unearned-privilege has privilege – and I believe it’s my responsibility to use these advantages for the betterment of all.

Go Women Go!

Historically, the largest group of repressed individuals has been women –  or 49% of the population (no, it’s not 50%-50%!).

So I think it’s more than appropriate to celebrate the great strides that women have made over the last few decades, and to shine the light of recognition on the ladies who may inspire the next generation to break down even more barriers.

I’ve compiled a list of 15 of the most inspiring and successful female bloggers who are making their voices heard in the wide (and male-dominated) world of advice.

Let’s give them our support and gratitude, for their efforts will make it easier for our wives, daughters, and grandmothers to be rewarded for their efforts, not which sort of sex chromosomes they happened to receive in a cosmic game of dice.

And before we start, I just want to clarify that, even though this is a list of women bloggers and I’m placing heavy emphasis on that, they are here because they are some of the best in the world at what they do. Most of them are in the top 100 personal development blogs. I, as a writer and a human being, aspire to be like them.

That’s what I want to see the world reward more, merit. And all of these women have it in spades.

The Top 15 Personal Development Blogs By Women:

Maria Popova – Brain Pickings: There are few blogs out there that are truly head and shoulders above the rest, and Mary has the distinction of running one of them.

A self-described blog about interestingness, Brain Pickings covers topics seemingly at random, except for the fact that they all open up the world to us with new ideas and perspectives which Mary has doggedly researched and vetted for accuracy. Read it now!

Harleena Singh – Aha!Now: A personal development and self-help blog covering the topics of parenting, children, seniors, health, relationships, and others aspects of life – with a strong community aspect.

Penelope Trunk – An insanely successful entrepreneur who writes about careers, start-ups, and entrepreneurship…having actually done it first.

Marie Forleo – A lifestyle + entrepreneurship blog with swagger. Marie’s writing oozes confidence, and she doesn’t mess around when it comes to actionable techniques.

Danielle LaPorte – One word: Desire. And how it manifests itself through creativity, entrepreneurship, love, and other aspects of our lives.

Celestine Chua – Personal Excellence: A personal development and marketing wiz from Singapore, dedicated to helping people reach their full potential. Lots of inspirational and motivational writing.

Luminita D. Saviuc – Purpose Fairy: Shedding labels like a snake sheds its skin, Luminita shares her observations about the human condition and how to continually evolve as people.

Gretchen Rubin – The Happiness Project: The bestselling author provides ever more practical advice on living happier for regular folks like you and I, based on her own lifestyle experiments and research.

Farnoosh Brock – Prolific Living: How to run your mind to get better results in life. Advice about how happy and successful people think and techniques for duplicating their results in our lives. If you like affirmations, you’ll love Farnoosh’s blog.

Jodi Chapman – Soul Speak: Openness, vulnerability, sharing our true selves with the world, being authentic, and other writing abundant with positive vibes.

Marquita Herald – Inspired Gift Giving: personal growth through improved decision making, increased resilience against setbacks, and the desire to serve others.

Elle Sommer – Reflecting A Life: Unlocking your potential through love, spiritual development, and the development of your unique gifts and talents.

Barrie Davenport – Live Bold and Bloom: The name says it all: living boldly by improving self confidence, getting outside our comfort zones, living passionately, and overcoming fear.

Tammy Strobel – Rowdy Kittens: Tiny homes, simple living, entrepreneurship, and other advice that’s based on providing options instead of catch-all answers.

Sarah Fragoso – Every Day Paleo: How to raise a healthy, happy family and the challenges faced surrounding proper nutrition from the perspective of a mother. Plus lots of recipes.


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